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Providing psychosocial support through digital technologies for people living with cancer

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When managing stress during cancer, your mind matters

Living with cancer is rough. Managing stress with the right psychosocial support tools can make it easier to create emotional well-being. CanSurround is the 24/7 FREE digital solution you deserve to help you feel better in every phase of the cancer journey—during initial diagnosis, throughout treatment and/or beyond. And it works.

CanSurround is convenient and easy to use with a mobile phone, tablet or computer. Our digital platform contains a wide selection of psychosocial support tools proven to help you regain your footing. Choose the features you like best to move through fear and worry, and gain confidence while coping with cancer.

CanSurround - Psychosocial support for people living with cancer - explainer video

We provide the right resources,

at the right time, in the right form

You never know when you're going to experience a distressful moment or thought.


Frequently worry arises in the middle of the night or in the midst of a busy day.

CanSurround's psychosocial support software for managing cancer-related stress is literally at your fingertips, 24 hours a day, completely FREE of cost.

We teach you to calm your mind so healing can follow.

Psychosocial support for people living with cancer.

Accessible and convenient 24/7

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CanSurround's interactive feature set

CanSurround's distinctive features help anyone who is coping with cancer: patients and their loved ones, family, friends, and co-workers.

You create a CanSurround experience that's exclusively your own using a few or all of the following FREE activities:

Psychosocial support for people living with cancer.
How to access CanSurround for Free

You can access CanSurround through Cancer Support Community Arizona below.

Psychosocial Support for People living with Cancer

Cancer Support Community Arizona

360 East Palm Lane

Phoenix, AZ 85004


Psychosocial support for people living with cancer.
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