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CanSurround Adds to Its Growing List of Customers, Partners with Cancer Support Community Arizona

“We’re thrilled to collaborate with Cancer Support Community Arizona to enhance the comprehensive psychosocial services they provide to people diagnosed with cancer and their loved ones,” said Meg Maley, RN, BSN, chief executive officer, CanSurround. “We share an understanding that the psychosocial distress unleashed by the cancer experience is common, intense, destructive, and sadly until now—oftentimes needless,” said Maley. “Together, with CSCAZ, CanSurround strives to end emotional suffering in anyone affected by cancer—patients, family, friends, and co-workers.” “The addition of CanSurround to our program is a game changer for Cancer Support Community Arizona,” said CEO Debbie DiCarlo. “This solution allows us to provide the same level of support to anyone, anywhere, anytime in Arizona. CanSurround’s novel platform affords the opportunity for CSCAZ to impact significantly more families who are faced with cancer each year and it truly helps to further our mission of ensuring that no one faces cancer alone.” An innovative digital solution solely focused on the self-management of emotional stress, CanSurround is available 24/7 and is easy to use with a mobile phone, tablet or computer. Participants regain their footing by choosing from a wide range of evidence-based tools that promote healing of mind, body and spirit. Among the platform’s distinctive features is a self-inquiry process that teaches participants to work with challenging emotions and to feel better while living with cancer.

The full press release can be found here.

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