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Meg Maley and Jill Teixeira Featured on DelawareToday

Meg Maley and Jill Teixeira are the dynamic duo behind CanSurround, a digital health platform focused on reducing distress and enhancing resilience for people living with cancer, including patients and their loved ones.

CanSurround delivers customized psychosocial information and interventions via a creative, multimedia, technology-enabled platform, and helps anyone touched by cancer to move through some of their fear and worry and gain confidence. Maley is a longtime cancer nurse and repeat entrepreneur, and Teixeira is an oncology nurse.

What both women find so rewarding about their job is receiving encouraging feedback. "Hearing from cancer patients and caregivers how our platform is helping them is actually the best reward we get. I'm often the first to see their feedback, and I make a point of sharing it with the entire team so they know how much we're helping people," says Teixeira.

Both women find it extremely important to maintain a healthy work-life balance for themselves and their staff. "Our workplace is radically flexible and very respectful of balancing work and family life. Also, we have a lot of fun as a team and try to keep laughter infused whenever possible," says Maley.

The publication can be viewed here.

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