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Internet-based Psychological Interventions for Cancer Patients

When cancer gets your patients down, who are they gonna call?

For busting cancer-related stress and anxiety, researchers examined the effectiveness of various eHealth applications.

Researchers recruited cancer-affected women from social media, patient internet platforms, and patient networks and selected 716 participants. They asked patients about their needs and wishes regarding psycho-oncological support and published their findings in JMIR Cancer. As the study authors noted, “psycho-oncological interventions must address specific needs and demands of cancer-affected patients to sustainably improve their well-being.”

Women preferred to receive psycho-oncological eHealth interventions from web-based applications or info emails. The topics participants most preferred were anxiety, ability to cope, quality of life, depressive feelings, and adjustment toward a new life situation. The authors concluded that eHealth applications “are a promising medium to improve psychosocial care and enhance individual disease management among women with cancer.”

To help your patients learn to self-manage their emotional reactions to cancer-related stress using an innovative digital platform, visit CanSurround.

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